Announce store-based events using location-based triggers


One of the most important criteria in segmenting your target audience is – among others – the user’s location, which can be used as a trigger for personlized notifications to customers and thus is a tremendously helpful feature. Using a customer’s specific location can enable companies to precisely target users and provide them with location-based services (LBS).  This new modern technology is called geo-fencing. The geo-fence itself sets specific boundaries around certain geographical areas.

Geo-fencing: automatic marketing at its finest

Give your customers what they want, when they want it, and where they need it. The more relevant push notifications are for the user, the more likely is he to respond. Why would a customer respond to an event invitation when he is not even close to the location?

Geo-triggers increase your notifications’ effectiveness and thus easily boost your sales and revenue.

When consumers are in predetermined proximity of your location (or even when they are browsing inside the store) you can send them a push message to inform them of a new product, event or send them incentives to spend more, such as a voucher or a free gift with any purchase. Offers nearby the customer’s location are more relevant to customers and thus more effective for companies, since they not only increase mobile traffic, but – even more important – increase foot traffic to your actual stores.

Here are some use cases:

  1. A restaurant chain with wide recognition opens a new branch in a different city. Loyal customers travelling to that place can be notified using location-based triggers.
  2. A retail company decides to put a certain product on sale. PUSHTech™ triggers enable the company to target and notify app users who are currently near the company’s stores.
  3. Using location-based triggers, a hotel can greet guets not only in person, but also via mobile messaging. This creates a better user experience and thus more customer satisfaction.

But not only companies benefit from geo-triggers. Customers can be provided with a better user experience and more relevant content, for instance special offers in stores close to the user’s location.

As many customers might be concerned about privacy issues such as phone tracking and data protection, it is important that your customers get the imperssion that they are truly benefitting from it. Don’t spam them, don’t give them irrelevant information! This will only create the opposite effect of what you’re trying to do with mobile marketing. Instead, make your mobile messages more relevant to users and increase convenience. 

All in all, location-based messaging – if used correctly – is a win-win game for businesses and their customers.

Benefit from PUSHTech™ smart targeting software

PUSHTech™ mobile platform delivers a personal and relevant experience that will reinvent the way brands undertake mobile marketing activities. The targeting of customers can be based different factors, which helps companies to target a certain audience subset.

Use PUSH’s geo-triggers and let us help you increase your notification’s effectiveness and easily increase your sales!  

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