Turn knowledge of customer app behavior into highly-targeted messages


The main element in targeting your mobile messaging correctly is giving consumers the data they require, when they need it and where they want it. It is of significant importance to keep in mind, that a mobile message interrupts and disturbs your customers’ daily activities. Just look at yourself! No matter where you are, if you hear […]

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3 Reglas para competir en Servicios Financieros Mobile

mobile payment

La utilización de estrategias tradicionales para la adquisición de nuevos clientes, está perdiendo relevancia en un mercado muy cambiante y con altas expectativas de los consumidores. Para competir, los bancos y compañías financieras deben hacer un cambio hacia soluciones más dinámicas y personalizadas, integrando la tecnología móvil. Existen tres aspectos fundamentales para desarrollar productos financieros […]

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Extend brand reach with customized recommendations


For financial advisors, cold calling potential clients is no longer an acceptable method for reaching out to the new generation. Today, people are finding advisors by their own means and in a highly competitive market they will seek someone who stands out. As a result advisors are persuing new technological routes that will let them […]

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Use geo-fences to generate new partners and promotional opportunities


Help make your clients feel more connected by personalising your messages, including adapting them to a precise region or location. With PUSHTech™ capabilities financial advisors can easily target and broarden their chosen demographic. By creating targets based on their given location banks can inform existing and new clients of services and promotions specified to their […]

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