Create opportunities for cross-channel engagement


Mobile marketing is all about connecting and co-ordinating customer interactions across multiple channels and devices. Cross channel communication is a powerful method for gaining a fuller, more accurate, all round customer view. Consumers live in the now. Their needs and expectations are constantly evolving and they desire instant response and satisfaction. By understanding your customers and […]

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Circulate coupons and offers, promotional content and videos


Give users incentives to revisit your store by offering exclusive coupons or promotions to subscribers. Via mobile you can reach people very effectively. A mobile app is a great tool for building awareness. With PUSHTech™ you can send push notifications, SMS and email to circulate coupons, announce offers or share promotional material. PUSHTech™ can track the activity […]

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Stimulate use of existing products


Keeping up with consumer demand is a never- ending process. Via a brand’s mobile application you can create product awareness and with the support of PUSHTech™ multichannel platform you can send out personalized push messages to engage the consumers and stimulate the use of your existing products. Incorporating  value added benefits for app customers helps generate […]

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Suggest new products, similar products or newer versions


Approach customers in the moment, send real-time alerts, and deliver product notifications with easy-to-use mobile messaging. Whether you intend to promote a new product or related products, mobile devices offer direct and immediate communication that can be customized and personalized. Consumers are very likely to use their mobile device while in a store, they are […]

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Tell customers exactly where they can buy your products


Until recently, consumers relied on an in-store salesperson to help them exactly whar they wanted. However, today’s distracted consumers, who are blasted with information and options, often battle to find their desired products. With the newest advances in mobile technology, companies are beginning to realise the potential of mobile messaging and are creating highly personalised […]

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Generate buzz around products with branded, easy-to-share content


A majority of today’s customers has shut off conventional marketing. People tend to skip advertisements in magazines, change the TV channel once the ad break starts, use ad blockers while surfing online in order to avoid pop-ups and other ads, or simply ignore traditional marketing since they are used to being spammed wherever they are. Branded content […]

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