Increase citizen mobile app and web activity


In today’s world, citizens use their smartphones for basically everything. Pre-schoolers rather know how to use their new iPhone than to tie their shoes. As technology has dramatically changed the way people interact with each other, it also bears the potential to make communication between citizens and authorities or governments much easier. Nowadays, when residents […]

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Send neighborhood or geo-specific content based on citizen location


Geo-specific content is content that is written with a precise geographical location in mind. For example, in emergencies, governments have tended to use broadcasting media like radio and television to deliver up-to-date and real-time information to citizens. Until recently, technological advances such as mobile location based services have not been utilised to their full potential. The PUSHTech™ platform is […]

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Engage citizens directly through multiple channels


New communication and social media applications have dramatically changed the way people interact. There has been a huge shift in how individuals get their information, which has an impact on numerous sectors. Companies go mobile, interact with their customers via mobile devices, marketers use mobile platforms to implement campaigns via new channels, users purchase products using their […]

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