Target buyers with geo-and event-triggered offers


Trigger interactions at exactly the right time and place, improve the customer experience with personalized messages which are activated when customers are in your vicinity. Steer customers in the right direction using the PUSHTech™ messaging platform. Giving FMCG companies the ability to send mobile messages to customers via SMS or in-app push notifications triggered by geo […]

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Turn knowledge of customer app behavior into highly-targeted messages


The main element in targeting your mobile messaging correctly is giving consumers the data they require, when they need it and where they want it. It is of significant importance to keep in mind, that a mobile message interrupts and disturbs your customers’ daily activities. Just look at yourself! No matter where you are, if you hear […]

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3 Reglas para competir en Servicios Financieros Mobile

mobile payment

La utilización de estrategias tradicionales para la adquisición de nuevos clientes, está perdiendo relevancia en un mercado muy cambiante y con altas expectativas de los consumidores. Para competir, los bancos y compañías financieras deben hacer un cambio hacia soluciones más dinámicas y personalizadas, integrando la tecnología móvil. Existen tres aspectos fundamentales para desarrollar productos financieros […]

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Cómo las empresas pueden generar beneficios a través del Smartwatch


“¿Las notificaciones en el smartwatch son una oportunidad?, Absolutamente” dijo el Jefe de Tecnología de Facebook, Dave Jakubowski, durante la Collision Conference en Las Vegas, celebrada el pasado mes de Mayo. Después del lanzamiento de Apple Watch, las marcas y sus agencias de publicidad han comenzado a competir por la creación de anuncios y notificaciones que […]

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Press Release: PUSHTech™ Unveils New SDK for iOS & Android in Advance of European Rollout of Multi-Channel Mobile Marketing & Customer Messaging Platform


Android & iOS Mobile Apps Integrating PUSH SDK Tap Into Multi-channel Delivery of Real-time Notifications, Alerts, Reminders & Campaigns via Push Notification, SMS, Instant Message & Email BDIGITAL APPS, BARCELONA (PRWEB) November 11, 2014 PUSHTech™ ( today announced the immediate availability of its latest-version PUSH SDK for iOS and Android, anticipating the upcoming rollout of […]

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Send out last-minute offers via timely messages


Text messages and push messages are a great way to connect with your existing customers. Not only are they are cheap and easy to send but they are also a great way to message your customers immediately. These technological advances bear so many opportunities that are just waiting to be taken. There is plenty of scenarios where […]

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Promote reservations via mobile and web


In the hospitality industry, keeping customers updated about the hottest new destinations and latest offers is of utmost importance. Potential customers and guests may not necessarily read a newsletter or brochure, but one thing is certain: they always carry a mobile phone with them and check their text messages. The smart reader might already expect where […]

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The hitchhiker’s guide to mobile marketing


Every single day, people are using their mobile devices to interact, be it to engage with their favourite brands, search new ones or make instant purchases. Currently it is believed that over 90% of the world’s population has a mobile phone. In order to make an impact on today’s fast paced technology driven generation it […]

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