PUSHTech etabliert Advisory Board und beruft Gerry Haag und Arndt Rautenberg  

Barcelona, 20 Januar 2016 -PUSHTech, das europäische Marketing-Tech Startup, hat zwei erfahrene Industrieexperten in sein neues Advisory Board berufen: Gerry Haag, ehemaliger General Manager Europe bei Amazon Marketplace, und Arndt Rautenberg, früherer Chief Strategy Officer der Deutsche Telekom AG. Diese Ernennungen verstärken die Expertise und Erfahrung des Mobile Marketing Anbieters von in der Arbeit mit […]

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Create opportunities for cross-channel engagement


Mobile marketing is all about connecting and co-ordinating customer interactions across multiple channels and devices. Cross channel communication is a powerful method for gaining a fuller, more accurate, all round customer view. Consumers live in the now. Their needs and expectations are constantly evolving and they desire instant response and satisfaction. By understanding your customers and […]

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Use CRM data to send customer-specific offers


Mobile adoption is constantly expanding, it is vital for businesses to focus their attention on their digital strategies in order to stay competitive. Everyday, the number rises of consumers who are using their mobile devices to access and retrieve information via mobile browsers, connect to social networking sites and even make retail transactions. Customer relationship […]

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