The hitchhiker’s guide to mobile marketing


Every single day, people are using their mobile devices to interact, be it to engage with their favourite brands, search new ones or make instant purchases. Currently it is believed that over 90% of the world’s population has a mobile phone. In order to make an impact on today’s fast paced technology driven generation it is a must for any brand to be present at all times via the Mobile platform. Since the introduction of smart phones and tablets there have been dramatic changes for marketers, and how they can leverage mobile channels to drive sales, engagement, and customer loyalty.

Nowadays, it appears that almost everyone who has a mobile phone seems lost without it. A Nielsen report exposed that 91% of us have our mobiles within arm’s reach 24 hours a day, a feat no other marketing channel can compete with. It is of no surprise then that Marketing budgets are now focusing more on mobile rather than conventional channels such as television, magazines and billboards.

98% of all text messages get read and on average text messages are read within 5 seconds. (Frost & Sullivan)

The number one benefit – Mobile is personal

We all desire a personalized service and any company that shows they care or makes us feel special is bound to succeed.

Most people consider their mobile phone or tablet as a very personal device, therefore when they receive a relevant, welcoming message their respect for your company grows immensely. Sending personalized campaigns helps build a relationship between you and your customer.

To be successful in mobile marketing you do not necessarily need a huge budget, even a little goes a long way! Sending out 1000 sms’ would set you back as little as 60€ and knowing that 98% will be read within 5 seconds it is money well spent!

Within the last decade, only mobile has seen a positive increase compared with other media channels growth. E-mail too has gone mobile as the trend is moving away from desktop with more and more people choosing to open and send their emails via their mobile devices. However email content is changing, becoming more personalized, relevant and targeted based on real-time data. The focus is all about getting the right content.

Modern marketing is all about mobile

Nowadays marketers must adjust their strategies to adhere towards mobile if they wish to reach their consumers who are turning to their mobiles in their hordes. We are now marketing to a generation of savvy shoppers, who’s shopping behavior can be described as nonlinear, shutting out traditional marketing channels. Mobile marketing offers new solutions to engage your customers; mobile adverts, mobile websites, mobile apps, social apps and SMS messaging.

Mobile marketers are choosing cross-channel promotions to attract the optimum attention. Once the appropriate mobile channels have been defined, the key to a successful campaign is getting the right content and context. Observing behavioral patterns in how consumers interact via mobile gives a strong indication for the context of a message. The shear volume of mobile Internet shopping activity is forcing marketers to rethink how their campaigns are put together.

Marketing messages need to be personalized to your customer’s needs; and be sent out at a much faster pace, timing is of utmost importance, even being able to respond to potential customers or meet the demands of loyal customers in real time. Companies need to develop a personality and have a more human approach to engaging with their customers. Using less formal content will help customers bond and feel more attracted to a company.


A mere picture can dominate over words

Not shying away from the importance of message content; pictures play a crucial role in attracting attention on the mobile screen. Infographics, photos, video, and other forms of rich-media are on the rise as consumers can now digest more information and at a faster pace.

To be successful in the world of mobile marketing, marketers will need to go beyond simply creating plain content, in order to captivate their target customer’s attention, they must create a personalized experience which is consistent across multiple channels.

¿Where is your mobile right now?

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