Use CRM data to send customer-specific offers


Mobile adoption is constantly expanding, it is vital for businesses to focus their attention on their digital strategies in order to stay competitive.
Everyday, the number rises of consumers who are using their mobile devices to access and retrieve information via mobile browsers, connect to social networking sites and even make retail transactions.
Customer relationship management (CRM) is not only the application of technology, but also an important strategy to learn more about customers’ interests, needs and and behaviours. This information leads to developing stronger relationships with them.
A good knowledge of your customers enables you to develop marketing strategies that target their specifc needs resulting in increased sales.
By documenting your customer’s product likes and dislikes, spending habits, location, age and gender, a CRM enables you to develop a detailed profile. Using this data together with the PUSHTech™ platform enables you to segment your customer base into a target groups of buyers with different tastes of budgets.

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