Forms and landings. How to insert a form in a landing page.

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With these 3 steps, we are going to insert a form on a landing page for the first time. STEP 1. Register a website in your PUSHTech account Create New Application. 1.2. Enter the name of the website or application to have it registered. In the application environment select “production” if the web is published […]

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Why is it so important to verify and validate your database?

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The validation of your database emails protects and significantly increases the reputation of your domain and your IP. With a good domain and IP reputation, you will ensure that your emails are not filtered as SPAM or promotional emails. Thus increasing your conversion of openings, clicks and sales. If you are interested in knowing more […]

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This award wouldn´t be possible without you. 2017 has been an incredible year for our organization. We feel very lucky for being able to work closely with some amazing customers and partners. Together, we have been able to generate tremendous value for our customers and for our own products.  We are very happy receiving this […]

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