Human touch at scale, with Personalization & Tags.


Something as simple as including the first name of your customers in every message you send them, increases the chances of your emails to be open by 50%.

Adding their names both to the title of the message and in the body, assures your messages will be open and read many more times and with more pleasure than without it. Every person likes to have a special and personal treatment vs the common “one for all” broad communications.

Creating helpful, personalized and respectful conversations in between you and your customer generates a win win scenario for both parties.

A second important step is adding more specific data that will speak directly to them. Information about their last purchase, their city, their business or any other data that will increase the human touch of your automated conversations.

For example;

Title of the message: (First Name), get the most out of your (Product Name) subscription.

Body of the message:

Hello (First Name),

We hope that everything is going very well at (Business Name) this days. One of my colleagues was recently in (City Name) and he loved it. :-)

Regarding your account (Product Name), these are our recommendations in order to get the most of it. 1……  2……  3…….

(First Name), if you need help, please call us at (Support_phone) or send me an email to (Support_name_email).

Have a great day,


Combining this personalization features and tags with our dynamic content features you create one-to-one tailored conversations with your potential customers.