Send neighborhood or geo-specific content based on citizen location


Geo-specific content is content that is written with a precise geographical location in mind. For example, in emergencies, governments have tended to use broadcasting media like radio and television to deliver up-to-date and real-time information to citizens. Until recently, technological advances such as mobile location based services have not been utilised to their full potential. The PUSHTech™ platform is […]

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Tell customers exactly where they can buy your products


Until recently, consumers relied on an in-store salesperson to help them exactly whar they wanted. However, today’s distracted consumers, who are blasted with information and options, often battle to find their desired products. With the newest advances in mobile technology, companies are beginning to realise the potential of mobile messaging and are creating highly personalised […]

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Use geo-fences to generate new partners and promotional opportunities


Help make your clients feel more connected by personalising your messages, including adapting them to a precise region or location. With PUSHTech™ capabilities financial advisors can easily target and broarden their chosen demographic. By creating targets based on their given location banks can inform existing and new clients of services and promotions specified to their […]

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How AngularJS manages inheritance in controllers scopes


Understanding $scope inheritance in controllers on AngularJS When a project grows and you start using nested controllers, you start thinking on how inheritance can give us some advantages, like storing API-retrieved data on a parent controller, and then use it on two sibling controllers. Given this scenario, there’s a specific behavior that is worth being […]

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Send out last-minute offers via timely messages


Text messages and push messages are a great way to connect with your existing customers. Not only are they are cheap and easy to send but they are also a great way to message your customers immediately. These technological advances bear so many opportunities that are just waiting to be taken. There is plenty of scenarios where […]

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Promote reservations via mobile and web


In the hospitality industry, keeping customers updated about the hottest new destinations and latest offers is of utmost importance. Potential customers and guests may not necessarily read a newsletter or brochure, but one thing is certain: they always carry a mobile phone with them and check their text messages. The smart reader might already expect where […]

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Engage citizens directly through multiple channels


New communication and social media applications have dramatically changed the way people interact. There has been a huge shift in how individuals get their information, which has an impact on numerous sectors. Companies go mobile, interact with their customers via mobile devices, marketers use mobile platforms to implement campaigns via new channels, users purchase products using their […]

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Generate buzz around products with branded, easy-to-share content


A majority of today’s customers has shut off conventional marketing. People tend to skip advertisements in magazines, change the TV channel once the ad break starts, use ad blockers while surfing online in order to avoid pop-ups and other ads, or simply ignore traditional marketing since they are used to being spammed wherever they are. Branded content […]

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Announce store-based events using location-based triggers


One of the most important criteria in segmenting your target audience is – among others – the user’s location, which can be used as a trigger for personlized notifications to customers and thus is a tremendously helpful feature. Using a customer’s specific location can enable companies to precisely target users and provide them with location-based services (LBS). […]

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