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Mobile devices, be it smartphones or tablets, are a substantial part of most people’s daily life. According to recent data, 50% of all time spent online is now spent on a mobile device. Not only do people communicate via mobile devices, but they also search for product information or even buy products online. It’s a fact that mobile devices generate an increasing amount of traffic, especially for e-commerce sites.

Recent stats have shown that a considerable part of customers (about two thirds) uses mobile devices to search for product information before purchase, with many of them buying the products online. Since this number is very likely to grow in the future, mobile apps have turned out to be an essential sales platform for companies.

This new, modern way of communication between businesses and customers bears enormous potential, and it would be fatal for companies to let go of this tremendous opportunity.

Now these are the facts, but how do you take advantage of technology’s benefits?

Consumers have already made their transition – it’s time for brands understanding how to connect with their customers in a mobile first world. (PIVMO’s Scott Schmidt in an MMA interview, March 2014)

Marketing – the 21st century version

Implementing mobile marketing campaigns is the most effective manner for companies to instantly reach their target audience, whether they are currently online or not. This enables companies to send all kinds of reminders or notifications to their customers, based on customer segmentation by the user’s age, gender, language, geo-location or other criteria.

Whether you want to make announcements for scheduled meetings or events, promote special offers or new products or keep customers informed about the shipping process; integrated mobile marketing campaigns are the solution to these needs and are thus an essential component to increase your sales. But not only companies can benefit from mobile marketing, also smartphone or tablet users benefit from a more user-friendly online shopping experience.

Mobile phones are the most personal marketing device in the world. Acknowledge
this by creating engaging conversations with prospective and existing customers. (Mobile Marketing Association Guide, March 2014)

Having an effective mobile platform does not only drive your sales, it also boosts your brand recognition, since satisfied customers are very likely to recommend a business with a well-designed and user-friendly mobile interface.

To benefit from the various opportunities of mobile technology, you need a strong supporting partner that helps you make the most of your investment in going mobile.

PUSHTech™ – your partner in mobile communications

PUSHTech™ gives users the opportunity to run campaigns or integrate them with other advertising campaigns, be it stand-alone SMS campaigns or campaigns via e-mail or instant messaging. 

Using Intelligent Multichannel Communications, PUSHTech™ generates more efficient, more effective and cost-reduced communications between businesses and their mobile databases and/or mobile app users and thus helps you to increase your sales.

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