Circulate coupons and offers, promotional content and videos


Give users incentives to revisit your store by offering exclusive coupons or promotions to subscribers. Via mobile you can reach people very effectively. A mobile app is a great tool for building awareness. With PUSHTech™ you can send push notifications, SMS and email to circulate coupons, announce offers or share promotional material. PUSHTech™ can track the activity […]

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Use CRM data to send customer-specific offers


Mobile adoption is constantly expanding, it is vital for businesses to focus their attention on their digital strategies in order to stay competitive. Everyday, the number rises of consumers who are using their mobile devices to access and retrieve information via mobile browsers, connect to social networking sites and even make retail transactions. Customer relationship […]

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Send out last minute opportunities and offers


PUSHTech™ multichannel platform offers a simple and effective way to communicate with consumers when they are in the process of making travel plans and purchase decisions, keeping them up-to-date on sales, influencing which hotel or destination they choose and driving them to specific locations with mobile vouchers or other incentives. Mobile marketing is used by many […]

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Stimulate use of existing products


Keeping up with consumer demand is a never- ending process. Via a brand’s mobile application you can create product awareness and with the support of PUSHTech™ multichannel platform you can send out personalized push messages to engage the consumers and stimulate the use of your existing products. Incorporating  value added benefits for app customers helps generate […]

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Send messages to users using push notifications, e-mail or SMS


Today mobile applications have become a fundamental part of mobile marketing. Via an application, you can send rich and contextual content to any customer who installs the aplication. This is a great way to develop a more personal relationship with your customers based on knowledge of their usage, combined with email or SMS. More info: Download our Agency […]

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Get users to visit nearest stores by using geo-fences


Make sure your customers feel connected by personalising your messages, such as refining them to a specific area or location. With PUSHTech™ capabilities retailers can easily target and broaden their chosen demografic. By creating targets based on their given location retailers can inform existing and new clients of activities going on in the stores/services in […]

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Increase citizen mobile app and web activity


In today’s world, citizens use their smartphones for basically everything. Pre-schoolers rather know how to use their new iPhone than to tie their shoes. As technology has dramatically changed the way people interact with each other, it also bears the potential to make communication between citizens and authorities or governments much easier. Nowadays, when residents […]

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Suggest new products, similar products or newer versions


Approach customers in the moment, send real-time alerts, and deliver product notifications with easy-to-use mobile messaging. Whether you intend to promote a new product or related products, mobile devices offer direct and immediate communication that can be customized and personalized. Consumers are very likely to use their mobile device while in a store, they are […]

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PUSHTech to unveil mobile-centric Marketing Cloud during MWC 2015


PUSH Technologies (PUSHTech) will be presenting their new Mobile Marketing Cloud™ during this years Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The PUSHTech™ Mobile Marketing Cloud, the industry’s first mobile-centric multichannel marketing platform for the delivery of marketing campaigns and mobile messaging via in-app Push Notifications, SMS, IM, Email and Chat to mobile users anytime and virtually […]

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