Increase citizen mobile app and web activity


In today’s world, citizens use their smartphones for basically everything. Pre-schoolers rather know how to use their new iPhone than to tie their shoes. As technology has dramatically changed the way people interact with each other, it also bears the potential to make communication between citizens and authorities or governments much easier. Nowadays, when residents […]

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Suggest new products, similar products or newer versions


Approach customers in the moment, send real-time alerts, and deliver product notifications with easy-to-use mobile messaging. Whether you intend to promote a new product or related products, mobile devices offer direct and immediate communication that can be customized and personalized. Consumers are very likely to use their mobile device while in a store, they are […]

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PUSHTech to unveil mobile-centric Marketing Cloud during MWC 2015


PUSH Technologies (PUSHTech) will be presenting their new Mobile Marketing Cloud™ during this years Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The PUSHTech™ Mobile Marketing Cloud, the industry’s first mobile-centric multichannel marketing platform for the delivery of marketing campaigns and mobile messaging via in-app Push Notifications, SMS, IM, Email and Chat to mobile users anytime and virtually […]

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Confirm customer orders and shipping via your app


The PUSHTech™ platform enables companies to save money and improve customer service by confirming their orders/shiping times via in app Push messages. Save money by reducing the number of missed or inaccurate customer deliveries. Save time by centralizing and automating much of the delivery management process Save time and improve customer service by giving your customers […]

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Generate additional service revenue on site


PUSHTech™ mobile solutions can help companies and organizations in the travel, tourism and hospitality sectors keep current guests happy and attract new ones. Hotels can adopt this messaging service as one of many hospitality solutions to communicate with guests to ultimately increase revenue. • Reservation reminders – text messages can alert guests of their reservations so they […]

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Extend brand reach with customized recommendations


For financial advisors, cold calling potential clients is no longer an acceptable method for reaching out to the new generation. Today, people are finding advisors by their own means and in a highly competitive market they will seek someone who stands out. As a result advisors are persuing new technological routes that will let them […]

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Create customer lifecycle campaigns


Having managed to get a user to successfully download your app is the initial step in establishing a relationship; however, it is not suficient secure regular usage. Conversation needs to be fluid so that the app and the brand continue to serve as important components in the consumers’ daily life. A push mobile marketing strategy is a perfect solution.  Using […]

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