Send out last-minute offers via timely messages


Text messages and push messages are a great way to connect with your existing customers. Not only are they are cheap and easy to send but they are also a great way to message your customers immediately. These technological advances bear so many opportunities that are just waiting to be taken.

There is plenty of scenarios where perfectly timed messaging can be extremely helpful. One of them is to send out last minute offers via mobile messages which is highly useful to retail companies in particular.

In the end it’s all about sales

Retail stores always have the urgent need to sell. App features helping retailers increase their sales are therefore very important to them.

In today’s society, most people have their smartphones with them wherever they are, and immediately take them out of their pocket once they receive a message (like I do), because they don’t want to miss anything that might be important. Retailers can easily take advantage of this opportunity by sending out last-minute offers.

Here are two use cases that illustrate these situations very well:

  1. You are the manager of a retail store for household electronics and already know that the end of each month is a very low sales period (salaries are generally paid at the begining of each month, that’s why). Instead of brace yourself for a relaxed shift, send out a last-minute text message with a mobile voucher offering a discount on any purchase to atrract customers. These messages can be scheduled for a designated time and date.
  2. The manager of a restaurant is alarmed that he will probably not be able to sell all his fresh food until the restaurant closes, which would mean that he would have to get rid of the remaining food. Using mobile communications, he can send out last-minute offers to customers, triggered by proxmity to the restaurant, and can thus make sure that he doesn’t have to throw away any food.

When you want to arouse the customer’s interest in a product very quickly, nothing beats a text message or push notification. According to a Frost & Sullivan Research, text messages are read wtihin 5 seconds (average) after they have been received. Compared to e-mails or social media ads, text messages are highly effective as a marketing channel.

It (SMS-Marketing) gives your marketing management team the opportunity to make personal, direct campaigns focused on niche audiences. (Adam Groff, Business Review USA, August 26, 2014)

Send out last-minute offers with PUSHTech™

PUSHTech™ offers the technology to realize last-minute campaigns that can help retailers increase their sales. Benefit from our services, that let you target users more precisely.

Benefit from our Intelligent Mobile Communications services and send out SMS messages, e-mails, push notifications or instant messages based on our smart segmentation tools, such as geo-fencing.

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